CRS is’s first African partner

CRS is proud toR744 announce that it is the first African company to join, a global information hub focused on cutting-edge developments, new research and the latest legislation relating to CO2 as refrigerant.

As an African leader in this field, we will showcase a series of products and case studies on, highlighting the viability of CO2 technologies in developing markets. In addition, we will demonstrate the practicality of COunits in high-ambient climates (South Africa falls in the so-called ‘non-transcritical operation zone’).

With the use of R22 banned in South Africa, national retailers are investing in new generation refrigeration technologies that will be future-proof to any upcoming legislation. We have already installed transcritical CO2 systems across 47 Woolworths and Makro stores.

“ was launched to address the market’s increasing need for more technological, economic and environmental information about CO2 as refrigerant. We are excited to be part of the first global online natural refrigerant community and to share our knowledge and exchange best practices on this platform,” says Wynand Groenewald, Head of Engineering at CRS.

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