Another Pack to Avance in Australia!

CRS has successfully sent another pack off to Avance in Australia!

LT Capacity: 16.35 kW

MT Capacity: 37.38 kW

A/C Duty: 150 kW (high)

Heat Reclaim: 58 kW

 LT compressors: Copeland Scroll

MT Compressors and IT: Copeland Semi-hermetic

From the success of the first pilot project using CRSs technology and the influence of Avance to penetrate the market, the opportunity to grow the pipeline in Australia and New Zealand is optimistic!

A synergy has been built from both companies promoting energy efficiency, sustainability and future proof solutions. CRS and Avance partnered up believing with CRS’s extensive and unique CO2 experience and Avance’s extensive market network in Australia, they will be able to enhance the service levels that the businesses can offer their clients in the commercial and industrial refrigeration industry.