Commercial Refrigeration Services

CRS is a leader in green cooling and heating solutions in Africa.

Founded in 1976 in Johannesburg, South Africa, we initially focused on refrigeration installations using the latest technology. With a commitment to continuous development and providing clients with future-proof solutions, we have become a forerunner in energy-efficient cooling and heating.

Following various industry-changing breakthroughs, our first CO2-only refrigeration system launched in 2010. The drive to create the best CO2 solution in Africa for Africa led to even more improvements and our first Booster System in 2012.

Keeping our clients a green step ahead, we have also developed a single integrated unit to provide both cooling and heating. What’s more, we are the only manufacturers of CO2 Heat Pumps and Chillers in Africa.

Each one of our solutions features technology-driven design and implementation, top-quality components and industry best practices. Excellent client service is a given as our long-standing relationships with Woolworths and Makro prove.